Extreme compute power on demand

Performance Cloud Servers are virtual compute machines, designed to deliver enhanced performance with the flexibility to scale to your needs. You’ll get all the benefits of improved performance, and still only ever pay for what you use.

Web pages will load faster for eCommerce customers, databases will get higher IOPS and applications streaming large volumes of video and media files will experience low latency when customers run their applications.

  • Built entirely with RAID 10-protected, data-centre-grade Harddrives
  • Powerful Intel® Xeon® processors
  • highly available network throughput to every host machine

All of this adds up to improved performance for your apps — up to 2.5X more disk I/O performance than previous cloud servers. They’re powered by VMware too, the world’s leading cloud operating system.

OS Choice

We provide a range of up to date and current Windows Server Systems along with a list of previous release OS such as Windows 2008R2 32bit & 64bit etc. Just let us know what you need and we’ll get it working for you.


Managed or Unmanaged Service.

A VPS has great flexibility which allows you to configure your server in many ways and as such, the management of a VPS requires basic system administration skills. SmartTech can provide complete management services based upon an hourly rate or monthly management contract and this service can be added to your VPS subscription during signup. Windows VPS’s allow you to use MS Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Client to connect to your server and configure it to your requirements. If you wish to use your server primarily to host websites, databases and email then the “PLESK HOSTING VPS” solution may be better suited. Plesk Hosting VPS provides you with an excellent Windows control panel system allowing you to manage multiple hosting services with minimal administrative requirements.


Critical Updates and Patches

All Microsoft OS patches and updates available are applied at the time of VPS provisioning. Unless you have subscribed to a full management service, no further OS patches will be applied by SmartTech and you should assume full administrative responsibility for your server.


VPS Cloud Backups

We think that EVERY business customer should have a Disaster Recovery plan, so we make our Cloud Backup Service easy and affordable. From only $54.95 / month you can have peace of mind when things go bad. For full details please view our Cloud Backup Page